We love to travel! Whether it be exploring our home town, the surrounding Andalusian countryside or a bit further afield, but taking kids on holidays and days out can sometimes be like planning a military operation. From travelling on a plane to short car journeys you can find the best way to prepare by reading my articles below.

    Flying with a baby or toddler? Here is how to pack your carry on bag.

    Flying with a baby or toddler, or both? Flying alone with them both? This is a quick guide to packing your bag for the plane.

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    Milton Solo Travel Steriliser

    MiltonSteriliserUsually when I need to sterilise something on holiday I buy a large tupperware and the Milton steriliser tablets and pop the stuff in there. This time I came across the Solo Travel Steriliser and at £10 I thought I would give it a go.

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    Flying with 2 under 3


    Flying with two under the age of three requires a few things...organisation, patience and plenty of confidence!

    I wasn't apprehensive until I turned up at the airport. Before then I figured if I thought about what I was doing I might back out. Who flies alone with a 6 week old and a boisterous 2 1/2 year old? I received some crazy and pitiful looks along the way, most notably from the man who was sat in our aisle. But actually he had quite a peaceful journey, although I suspect he must have needed the toilet on landing as he didn't dare get out or move the entire journey!

    So how did we manage it?  

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    We're all going on a summer holiday..

    Going away with two children is like preparing for a military operation.
    I am off to Wales with my parents and two snotty and coughing children. I'm sure it's going to rain the whole time, but it wouldn't be a traditional welsh holiday without the rain and wind. I have many memories of eating ice creams with my sisters (zap's to be specific) on a very cold and windy beach. It's time to let my children make their own.
    My dad looked horrified packing the car, questioning every piece of luggage I presented. My mum reminded me that she slept in a draw for 6weeks in her day as I packed in the Moses basket and travel cot. They then had to unpack the whole car as they had forgotten to put the back seat up for me. That resulted in a childhood memory coming right to life parents arguing, ah how I missed that noise!

    So yes, I do think I take too much stuff, but I won't admit that! I never have packed lightly let alone when I have kids. But now it seems it's all their stuff and not mine! I have packed all my clothes into the teeny tinniest of suitcases. The thing is I always like to take everything I need for every eventuality. I've managed to convince myself that if I forget something I'll need it. I mean it's not like there are shops around right?
    After carefully arranging the car like a jenga game we managed to fit in everything we needed we were on our way. Sadly I did have to sacrifice the playdoh and the tea set I was going to bring along for Arthur. I was quickly reminded that we never took all this stuff with us when we were younger and we survived!

    I'm still not quite sure how I have managed to fit myself in, my children are riding up front in the luxurious seats and I am squished between suitcases and fishing rods. Oh and I have been tasked to watch Rufus, Arthur's beloved teddy, whilst he watches Thomas the Tank Engine. Whatever happened to eye spy? On the plus side at least it means I can't hear mum and dad discussing how they managed to go away with 4 kids to France for two weeks in a much smaller car and I can catch up on some sleep which has been distinctly lacking over the last week looking after two poorly babies!

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