Top Apps

The nursing log 

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Get the iPhone App here.

A great tool for breastfeeding. If you can’t remember which side you last fed on or how long for this app is great! I used to find it handy to track how long feedings were taking and it helped me to see when a pattern was developing. If you are really organised you can also track their nappy changes…I can’t say I ever used that part of the app, but it is there if you need it!

Top tip: You can also just use hairband around your wrist and put it on the side you last fed on. That way you’ll remember which side to start on next time! 

St Johns Ambulance – First aid 

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Get the iPhone App here.

Get the Android App here.

This is the perfect tool to keep on your mobile phone. You can brush up on your first aid skills and refer to it for minor accidents.

Top tip: I would also highly recommend attending a dedicated children first aid course. My husband and I both went on one before our first child arrived and we will be refreshing our skills shortly!  

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