Educating Einsteins

Educating Einsteins is a section on my Blog, which focuses on developing creative minds. We, as parents, provide the support and environment for our children to develop. But with little spare time on our hands it can often be time consuming trawling the internet to find activities that are suitable.

This section will bring together useful tools and resources to help your little ones unleash their imagination, making it fun for them and easy for you!

    Bringing up a bookworm

    I ventured to our library last week with the children. I was excited when I read the MOTR the article by Jackie Anderson. The last time I visited the library here in Gibraltar, I was preparing for exams (so that is quite a while ago!) The article inspired me to pop in again, hopeful that I could start forging similar memories to mine when I was younger. The library was a big part of my childhood, we went weekly to choose our books and I spent many hours there exploring the shelves and learning. I cherish those memories.

    Where is our library?I took along my 4 month old and an excited toddler who also loves reading. When we entered the library I found the children section situated in a bright and sunny part of the library. I could feel the warmth on my shoulders which was lovely as it was a bit chillier than I am used to! The space isn't huge, but as it was empty, it didn’t matter. I was delighted to see a nice “breastfeeding friendly” sign in the window. It is great to see our local community supporting breastfeeding, and I felt very comfortable feeding my baby whilst I read to my toddler.

    We spent just over an hour looking through the books, and reading on the beanbags. We found a couple of classics that we hadn't yet read. Some of the books were very dated. I asked the librarian whether there would be more books available soon,  I was pleased to hear that the library has been given a grant and is expanding its selection. The librarian took the time to show me around and I saw all the new books that had recently been added right across the library. The injection of colour made it obvious. The librarian was so enthusiastic about the library, it was inspiring to see. I asked whether they accepted donations, keen to make sure that any books I had could be passed on, she explained that they had to be in excellent condition, which is understandable.


    I feel very passionate about libraries and their place in our community. They are a great place not just to learn and expand our knowledge but how to respect people and things. A library gives us the opportunity to teach our children that it is important to take good care of property and remind them that these books belong to everyone.  It is also a good place to practise respecting those around us by using our quiet voices. I'm not sure we mastered that one just yet and my 4month old decided she was particularly vocal! It's a work in progress.

    At the end we took a few books away to read at home. One of them was The Hueys: None the Number by Author Oliver Jeffers. At home we already have The Hueys: The New Jumper which is a brilliant book. My sister brought it for us as my Dad is called Huwey!

    The signing up process was very quick, again the staff were very friendly. My toddler was very excited that he could actually take the books home (he’s read them every night since with his Daddy). Before venturing home we stopped downstairs to have a little snack. There is a cafe just in the corner. It is a very peaceful place just to stop for a moment, listen to the fountain and enjoy the warmth of the sun radiating through the courtyard.


    I really enjoyed the experience and we have been back since to exchange our books and pick up some new ones. I  am excited that the library is growing and I look forward to making this a weekly event, helping my children learn and to establish an important association with books.

    Thank you Jackie, for the inspiration!


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    Easy crafts for Valentines Day

    Are you looking for easy Valentines Day craft to do with the children? Why not pop over to Mum on the Rock where I have shared 6 of my favourite crafts.

    Ideas ranging from heart stampers (made from toilet rolls - wow!!) to hand drawn mugs (with a secret message inside) they are simple, quick to do and make great gifts for your loved ones.

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    I've joined my 1st linky! This is something to celebrate.

    I'm fairly new to the blogging world and getting the hang of it all and jargon (such as linkys) is incredibly exciting. Bit by bit I try and learn something new, stretching myself each time which is something I thrive on.

    Thankfully for me, learning just got a whole lot easier! There are some great blogs which have taken the time to explain all about linky's. Exactly what I was trying to get my head around. I just have to mention them because they provide a wealth of information.

    So a big shout out to Cuddle Fairy for her guide. What a fab resource. Thanks for sharing the information. I can't wait to be a part of it all.

    Another big thanks to TheMummyToolBox, and the section on her blog provides details of regular linkys and is the perfect place to get to grips with some of the jargon!

    So to top it off, not only have I learnt all about linkys but I have joined in on my first ever linky on  You can see my entry at the bottom of the page here.

    Taking part in #CreativeMondays means I have also had a great time looking at other peoples blog entries. I have to admit I had a bit of stationary envy when I saw some beautiful colouring books completed by I find colouring in a wonderful thing to do, I'm a stationary addict and always need an outlet for creativity so I immediately connected with this entry....Now pass me the pens!!



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    How to make a photo flip book of your family

    Making a a photo flip book of your family is a really easy way to show babies and children who is who. Great if you live far away and they need reminding from time to time. Children also love to flick through the flip book, so it's handy to keep in your bag to look at whilst you are waiting around at the Doctors surgery or the Dentist.

    This craft is for us parents, although if you are feeling particularly adventurous, or your children are older,  you can get them involved too.

    Rating: Easy

    What you need:

    • Scissors
    • Hole punch
    • Family photos
    • Printer
    • Laminator or sticky back plastic
    • Key ring

    1. First pick a handful of pictures that you want. I prepared mine on the computer but if you have photos already printed out that will work too.

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    What to do when your child won't create the perfect Pinterest craft!

    When I look at Pinterest I find an incredible amount of inspiration. It fills me with excitement and I love finding arts and crafts to do with my toddler (oh and alone, if I can find the time!).

    This week I had all intentions of helping my toddler create a beautiful finger print tree. I thought it would be a great way to celebrate the autumn colours and leaves. After all, we can't walk more than 5 meters without him picking up a whole handful of leaves.

    I prepared the tree ready for the toddler to neatly put his finger prints all over.

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    3 more activities for a rainy day!

    It's raining again so we have been busy finding some extra activities to play whilst it pours outside.

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    10 things to do with toddlers on a rainy day

    If you find yourself stuck with things to do on a rainy day, take a look at my article "10 things to do on a rainy day" on Mum on the Rock. From puddle jumping to playdoh playing you won't be short of activities to do with your toddler when the wet weather comes.

    Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 19.25.53

    Untitled design-6

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    Stuck for ideas this Halloween? Try these easy arts and crafts for toddlers!


    I love a lot of things. Over the past few weeks I seem to start a lot of my posts like that! The thing about my blog is that it brings together all the things I love in life; crafts, computing, parenting and being outdoors.  From time to time I get very enthusiastic writing about these things.

    EASYLast week my toddler and I worked together on our Halloween arts and crafts, much to my mum's horror. She thinks we shouldn't celebrate Halloween, but I just like an excuse to have a theme for our craft of the week.

    We have made witches and monsters, all of which are quite easy and kept him entertained.

    The monster station is easy, doesn't make much mess and is great for their imagination. The witch craft (don't worry no voodoo dolls here!) is a bit messier.

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    What the Future of a Cardboard Box Looks Like When You Have a Toddler


    Creativity is intelligence having fun - Albert Einstein 

    In our house we come across lots of cardboard boxes. Whilst the thought of cluttering our house with boxes frightens my husband, I can't wait to get my hands on them.

    So the next time you have an empty shoe box or cereal box hanging around here is one easy solution to turn it into some fun for your toddler.

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    10 Quick Tips For Making A Den

    We spend most of our time outdoors, but we definitely have those days where we laze about at home. As an avid believer of raising children to develop their imagination and creativity I avoid using the iPad or TV as the main tool to entertain them. I want them to experience the fun that we had as children which was virtually tech free. Some of my childhood memories were made from playing with my sisters, taking part in family plays and making dens.

    Stuck for ideas to entertain the toddler today I remembered just how fun den making was. I figured he was about the age to get stuck in, after all which toddler doesn't love throwing pillows on the floor and moving furniture? I also thought I could buy myself some rest time. After a late night catching up with a friend and having a glass or two of wine, what better way than to curl up on some nice comfy pillows.

    So here are 10 quick tips to making a den a success:

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