SEA LIFE Aquarium London – Days Out Guide

SEA LIFE Aquarium - London ~ An afternoon with Days Out Guide
Soak up the beautiful view from outside the Aquarium

Set on the South Bank of the Thames in central London, a visit to the SEA LIFE Aquarium London is a great way to spend the afternoon. Armed with the Days Out Guide offer and visiting on a weekday in term time, you are guaranteed to enjoy some quality time with your toddler or preschooler.

Set across 3 floors, with 14 different themed zones and over 500 species the SEA LIFE Aquarium is a mesmerising and educational trip for little ones. It is a delight for those who love learning and it brings to life all the books read about marine life. Think Shark in the Dark, Tiddler and Barry the Fish with Fingers to name but a few.

We had a great offer from Days Out Guide – a 2 for 1 ticket when you buy a train ticket. We travelled from Windsor to Waterloo. Both stations are very easily accessible and pushchair friendly. The train ride was a huge adventure for our 3 year old who doesn’t get to go on them much. This added to the excitement and provided a lot of entertainment both ways.

SEA LIFE Aquarium - London ~ An afternoon with Days Out Guide
Windsor to Waterloo Train

We chose to travel to the SEA LIFE Aquarium on a week day which works very well, the trains aren’t very busy and the attraction itself was fairly empty. This really added to our experience as we were able to view all the sea life without having to push or climb over people. When we first arrived we did miss the entrance for buggies and I pulled the buggy up the flight of stairs only to realise there was a much more convenient way to enter.

Once you enter the aquarium you immediately forget you are in the centre of London. The dark eeriness of the sea decends upon you and the shark swimming under the glass floor transports you to the bottom of the sea. My toddler was engaged from the outset just staring at the sharks, fish, squid and sting rays. We made our way through the different zones stopping to look at every tank and soak up the vibrant colours,  movement and textures. You can find so much sea life here. Sharks, Octopus, Sand eels, Jelly fish, Sting Rays, gorgeous tropical fish too Sea anemones and clownfish to name a few. You won’t be disappointed.

We really enjoyed the ray lagoon, if you arrive early (11.30am) you can even join in and feed them! We didn’t make it to the feeding session but it was great to watch them swimming around and a little ledge meant by 3 year old could have a really close look at them. We were also able to touch a star fish, which was very exciting. It’s incredible to see so much sea life and watching a large turtle swimming around, was incredibly exciting. My 3 year old’s face simply lit up watching the turtle glide around the water so gracefully.
The aquarium was easily accessible with the pushchair which I found great because I had an 8 month old with me as well. Most of the time she spent it in the sling but it was handy to still have access to all our things without trying to lug them around too. Because it was quiet I was able to leave it just to the side and still keep my eye on it. On a busier day it might be more difficult.

SEA LIFE Aquarium - London ~ An afternoon with Days Out Guide

The aquarium is full of information and facts about marine life. It’s fascinating to learn that some of the creatures are on the endangered list and there are lots of practical tips on how to make sure you protect the animals in the wild. A great way to educate young minds. On this occasion I had a quick read and shared a couple of facts with my toddler as he was quite happy just staring and gazing at the sea life and leading the way. Be warned you may hear a lot of high pitched squealing as you see every child (and their parents) spot Nemo and Dory!

SEA LIFE Aquarium - London ~ An afternoon with Days Out Guide
SEA LIFE Aquarium is a great place to learn about marine life.

We made it around in about 2 hours, although we could have spent longer. What’s great is you can return if you need to pop out for lunch or fancy a snack break. We had some snacks under the pushchair so helped ourself to some of those as we went around. If you forget to take something don’t worry there are places you can buy drinks and snacks as well as a shop right at the end.

Sadly, on this occasion, we missed the penguins who are currently being cared for at Edinburgh Zoo whilst their area is undergoing extensive works. To add to your experience you can also buy a VIP package for behind the scenes, shark feeding, turtle feeding or  snorkelling with sharks experience.

Visiting the SEA LIFE Aquarium was a really enjoyable day. I loved showing my toddler the marine life and was delighted by his interest and involvement.  Thanks to the Days Out Guide 2 for 1 tickets it was also reasonably priced.

Afterwards you can make your way to lots of other attractions on the south bank.  There is also a park situated next to the London Wheel and we had a great time playing there and having a snack before making our way home!

SEA LIFE Aquarium - London ~ An afternoon with Days Out Guide
Why not have a look at some of the other attractions nearby or just observe the grand structure of the London eye which is situated right next to the Aquarium.


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