ASTHMA – 8 ways to help your child take their inhaler and more

Does your little one suffer from Asthma or have that typical winter wheeze which requires them to use inhalers? I wrote an article with Jodie Crook from the Children’s Nurse. We teamed together for a 2 part piece which features on Mum on the Rock. It’s a really informative piece.  I share my perspective on our asthma journey with a young toddler, along with some ideas (tried and tested) on how you can help your child take an inhaler.  In Part 2 Jodie tells us about the different types of inhalers you might be prescribed, what they are and how they work.  I love the way Jodie writes, she’s a fab nurse and you must check out her blog. It’s full of useful posts including is About Bronchiolitis and Is it a virus or bacterial?. Now all I need to do is shrink Jodie down and carry her around in my pocket for complete ease of mind!!






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