Beautiful Benahavis | A great place to eat & entertain the kids

Benahavis is a great place to eat and pass the afternoon. A small Spanish mountain village situated near Marbella, easily located and just an hour away from Gibraltar.

Parking at the foot of the town we explored the place by foot along with our buggy. Arriving at lunch time we quickly hunted down a nice restaurant. We ate at Los Faroles. Whilst there is a big selection of restaurants, we chose this one as it brought back some memories for my husband. It lived up to his expectations and we enjoyed a delicious meal. Both the children were kept pleasantly entertained by munching on the pan y picos. I enjoyed a nice glass of red wine and priced at only 3€ it was surprisingly nice!

Benahavis Yummy Food

After lunch we made our way down through a beautiful walk way which is surrounded by water features. It then leads to a large and spacious park, perfect for running around with the toddler. The walk down wasn’t very accessible with the buggy and we did end up bouncing it down each of the steps. So if you want to explore this area in more detail and have very small children, leave the buggy in the car and pop your sling on.


The park is spacious with something for all ages. We spent ages picking up sticks and watching my toddler roll around on the grass. He has a habit of doing this whenever he sees a patch of grass! It keeps him happy 🙂 Our baby enjoyed the swing and watching her brother (always great & free entertainment). Don’t forget to take along a football as there is plenty of green areas to kick it about as well. There is also a cafe which overlooks the park if you need that caffeine fix (or just to rest your legs!).

Benahavis Park

On our way back to the car we found a way that was more suitable for our buggy, but up a rather steep incline!. After making my husband push both kids up the hill we stopped for a well needed drink at a bar just on the edge of the town. We had a little snack before driving home.

Tourists are quite popular here, so it does get busy. Taking advantage of the low season and basking in the Winter sunshine we had a lovely family day out.  The food was delicious and the park wore out our toddler, who quickly fell asleep on the way home!

I am so grateful for days like these, time spent with those closest to me. Simple times that we cherish forever.

If you would like more information about Benahavis click here.


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