BabyBjorn Bouncer

If you want a bouncer that is easy to store, lasts longer than 6 months and doesn’t have all the annoying bright colours and awful music then the BabyBjorn Bouncer is the bouncer to choose. It doesn’t come with a cheap price tag but it can be used right through until the baby is 2 years old making it a worthwhile investment. 

Babies can bounce themselves from a young age, with every wiggle they move. Genius, I don’t have to have my foot on it all the time and best of all don’t have to fiddle around with batteries.

There are three different positions from upright to lying down. The support is excellent. I have used it from day 1 with both of my children and they look comfortable and supported. The 3 positions make it a great item for babies with reflux, providing a safe place to put them after feeding which doesn’t cause them discomfort.

As the baby gets older the straps can be taken off and the toddler can get in and out of it, using it as a chair.

It is lightweight and easy to fold meaning you can take it with you in the car. I didn’t manage to fit it into my suitcase, which was a bit of a shame so I can’t take it on our trips aboard! It is just that little bit too long.

It is extremely easy to wash. The fabric can be easily removed and popped in the machine. We all know how much babies like to pooh and what a mess it makes! You don’t need to worry with this product. I have had to wash it countless times and the material hasn’t lost its shape, neither does it feel worn out. It actually still feels brand new!

It doesn’t have anything to entertain the baby so you will need to purchase a toy bar separately (£21.95). There is no jazzy (annoying!) music. I find that a blessing as all those tunes drive me nuts.

I have sifted through a mountain of things I didn’t need after baby no 1. This is one product that is still going strong and provides the perfect entertainment when I don’t have my hands free. I use it almost every day to entertain the baby whilst I have a shower, entertain the toddler or cook. It is so soothing I keep finding my baby asleep in it!

“For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.”-5

The model I reviewed was purchased in 2012. So the price and links above reflect the new model which has replaced the previous version which has been updated and looks even better, with more padding and support. Maybe I will invest in an upgrade for baby no3??

All my reviews are independent and I have not been paid by any company. As a parent I have tried and tested many products (and wasted a lot of money!!). In my Baby products section I provide honest reviews on products I use. 

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