The best cookbook for babies and young children

Annabel Karmel: New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner

RRP: £14.99

Buy online: Book Depository or Amazon (currently only £7!).


If you buy one cookbook to take you through from the weaning stages and beyond then Annabel Karmel – Baby and Toddler Meal Planner is the one.

I first came across Annabel Karmel when I was a Nanny in my early 20’s (wow that actually sounds like I am really old…). The lady I worked for placed it in my hands after she realised I didn’t even know how to boil eggs properly, and then happily left me to look after her two children. She obviously had a lot of faith in Annabel helping the culinarily challenged, and now so do I. Although it’s not just for those that can’t cook, I’ll let you into a secret, even my friend (who is my cooking idol!) has a copy in her kitchen and I know she raves about it too.

With over 200 quick, easy and healthy recipes for weaning and beyond, this book is jam packed with great ideas. The recipes are simple, I really mean that… They are easy to follow and the food tastes delicious. Most of the recipes are suitable for freezing. This is great, it means you can cook up some food, pop it in pots and you have dinner for another day!

The book is also packed full of great ideas for healthy treats and exciting cakes. It really is the perfect place to start. You can also visit the Annabel Karmel website which is full of recipes and information on food topics and big milestones.

I have also found out that there is now an App available for iPhone and iPad. It provides access to more than 120 simple recipes. I am off to download that and give it a go. I will report back shortly. In the meantime why don’t you get your hands on a copy of the book.

Top tip: Keep an eye out for 2nd hand copies. In Gibraltar you can usually find these in Terry’s bookshop in Irish Town. If you can get your hands on one they may look dated, but the content is virtually the same! 

Another useful cook book

Ella’s kitchen “the cook book” – the red one

RRP: £14.99

Buy online: Book Depository or Amazon (currently only £8!)

I like to mix it up, so another useful cookbook I enjoy using is the Ella’s Kitchen cook book. It has a simple weaning guide to get you started and over 100 healthy recipes. It has traditional dishes like macaroni cheese and creative recipes like Zingy lamb and couscous with mangoes and raisins. It gives you tips on how to include the children whilst cooking, which is nice. What’s best is the recipes are often large enough to feed the whole family at meal time.

Check out the Ella’s kitchen website for useful recipes and tips.

All my reviews are independent and I have not been paid by any company. As a parent I have tried and tested many products (and wasted a lot of money!!). In my Baby products section I provide honest reviews on products I use. 

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