What the Future of a Cardboard Box Looks Like When You Have a Toddler


Creativity is intelligence having fun – Albert Einstein 

In our house we come across lots of cardboard boxes. Whilst the thought of cluttering our house with boxes frightens my husband, I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

So the next time you have an empty shoe box or cereal box hanging around here is one easy solution to turn it into some fun for your toddler.

Cardboard garage

Rating: EASY

Skills: Practice hand eye co-ordination, learn colours and matching

What you need 

  • Small boxes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint or coloured paper
  • Toy cars (preferably in different colours)

Remove one side of the cereal box. If you are using a shoe box you won’t need to do this. Then get some white paper and paint it a colour of your choice. You will need to paint enough paper to cover the box. You can also use coloured paper or paint onto the boxes directly.  Once the paint has dried take the box and stick the paper over it.

Then cut a door in the box big enough to fit a car into. Turn the box upside down. Draw on it if you like, or let your toddler have a go.

That’s it!

Now get your toddler to park the car in the right coloured garage.

This time around we only had one box left over so we had to slightly adapt the idea, painting each side of the box a different colour. We also cut garage doors into each side and then lined up the cars and sorted them into the right entrance. It provided lots of fun and one happy toddler! IMG_0891_Fotor_CollageGarage

Top tip: Using the left over painted paper make birthday cards for friends and family! 


Sign up to the blog to find out more ideas for cardboard boxes and what we will be doing this week as we begin to prepare for Halloween! Here is a snippet from last year.




    • alongcamebuddy@gmail.com

      That’s brilliant! We made a space rocket too this weekend. It was such a great success. It fit my husband so he got to wear it for entertainment. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • alongcamebuddy@gmail.com

      It’s been a very windy weekend so the cardboard boxes we have been busy painting & crafting. Thanks so much for popping by.

    • alongcamebuddy@gmail.com

      Thanks so much for popping by! I collect toilet paper rolls too 🙂 I should stop hoarding so much stuff really – i just started with yoghurt pots today too…

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