Colic calm

If you have a newborn that seems to be suffering with wind, I recommend colic calm. I have tried and tested lots of different products with little results. After frantic 2am, 3am, 4am google searches I found out about colic calm.  I decided to buy it and have it ready for when baby no 2 came along. I wasn’t sure it would be the miracle solution. ColicCalm

But…I loved it so much I ended up buying another bottle! It has been a life saver. This product has really helped ease the tummy pain and hiccups. Best of all it is gentle on their tummies and homeopathic. It doesn’t taste disgusting either, I have tried it! It is very sweet.

There are two drawbacks.

  1.  It is made with all natural ingredients so it is black. This means that your babies clothes can end up stained. I used to use a cheap muslin as my colic rag and just have it to hand when I was giving colic calm.  If it did get on the clothes I would use a dab of vanish and most times it would disappear. It isn’t enough of a drawback to put me off thats for sure!
  2. It isn’t cheap. It is in the region of £20. But, you can’t put a price on taking away a newborns discomfort. If this is the only colic relief you buy, it will be worth it. delivers to the UK and Gibraltar. Buy here.

All my reviews are independent and I have not been paid by any company. As a parent I have tried and tested many products (and wasted a lot of money!!). In my Baby products section I provide honest reviews on products I use.

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