Mastering your A, B, ZZZzzzzzz’s

I’m tired, it is Friday after all and this week I just haven’t been able to sleep. I wish I had an excuse, but this week the kids have actually been sleeping well. Don’t be jealous, I’m taking what I can! But as my toddler hung off my leg at 8.30am this morning insisting I drink some wine, I felt quite tempted! Perhaps it will help me sleep I thought? That was until I remembered there is another solution, not as much fun I know, but it works!

As a parent we all suffer from lack of sleep. Just last week I read that parents are deprived of over 44 days of sleep in a childs first year alone. My first born was a horrendous sleeper suffering from reflux and then adenoids problems. Waking up nearly 10 to 12 times a night became the norm for us for quite some time. At times it felt like torture. But whats worse was my sleep had become so disrupted I couldn’t settle. This often meant I would give in and just start the day at 4am.  Then when I started working again after maternity leave I found it difficult to switch off before bed time, thinking about what I needed to pack for the next day – the spare clothes to pack, the snacks, the lunch etc, oh and of course, all the work I was doing in the day! I was dying to find something that helped me fall asleep so I could begin to play catch up on all those lost hours.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 09_FotorI turned to my dad who travels all over the world and has an ability to immediately adjust to different time zones. When I asked his secret he simply passed me a small travel set which he gets free from his visits to the Crowne Plaza.  It is called this works and it has 2 mini solutions for a better nights sleep. The first time I used it I slept so deeply, I couldn’t believe it and I raided my Dad’s stash. I have been using it ever since when I need it and I swear by it.

Sadly my stolen stash has run out, but just last night I realised that it is a product you can buy online. It only took me 3 years to figure that out. Whats more, after looking on the website I can see there is whole selection of similar products designed to help you sleep. It really is amazing stuff that I highly recommend.

So if you are having trouble sleeping, there is a solution for you. Some of those products are even designed for use during pregnancy and for babies and children. I am so excited I am off to order some for myself! You can buy some for yourself here.

So just for tonight (yeah right…)I will resort to the wine….

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