Cough medicine

Star Buy: Nelsons Sootha Cough Medicine 

We have dealt with more than a few coughs over the past three years. I once found a fantastic cough medicine that sent my child to sleep all night. Ah what bliss… except then I found that it was no longer on the market. As I carefully guarded my stash I realised I should probably stop using it. After all my research indicated it was taken off the shelvNelsonsMedicinees and banned for under 2’s. Something about parents exceeding the doses….eeek.

For a while I mourned the loss of a product that actually worked!

Help is now at hand from Nelsons Sootha Cough Medicine. Suitable from 12 months up it contains homeopathic remedy relief. Unfortunately It is non drowsy.

I have used this product on many occasions and I have had a night of slightly less interrupted sleep (you can only expect so much when you have a newborn and a toddler) so it has my vote!

I have also resorted to using it in the early hours when a cough has been bugging me. It has worked a treat!! Soothing my cough almost immediately.

Available from most pharmacies you can read more about it here


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