The benefits of Mummy & Baby Yoga

Taking a Yoga class with our babies provides the perfect opportunity to:

  • stop, think and refocus
  • bond
  • ease back in to exercise after birth (gently!)
  • help those windy ones (I’ll never forget my first who farted through every class!)
  • meet other new mummies.

Today I took my little one along to Mummy & Baby Yoga. Now that she is over 3 months and has good head control it is the perfect time to start.

I had thought about staying home and skipping the baby classes. It is tempting when the toddler is at nursery to laze about; I mean, stay at home to iron, clean and cook of course. But then I felt a sense of guilt (mother guilt that rears its head from time to time). I thought about how I had attended every class available when my first was born. Also, the quality one on one time we had together.  With that in mind I used my previous experience to focus on finding those classes that counted. I contacted a friend who has just started her own baby yoga classes and signed my little one up.

The class lasted about an hour (taking time for settling in etc). To start we did a warm up which included stretching.

We then did a series of exercises designed to benefit both the mother and the baby.  This part provided a gentle introduction to exercise, much needed after 9 months out of the game! My little one is such a chunk she couldn’t flex much without her belly sticking out, but she smiled and giggled throughout. A sure sign she was enjoying herself.

To end we listened to relaxing music and concentrated on our breathing. The best bit, the teachers voice was so soothing my little one fell asleep. Unfortunately, I can’t promise a sleeping baby at the end of the session for everyone.

During the relaxation time I thought about how in todays society we spend too much time just being busy. Being a parent often means we are always on the go. It is hard to pull ourselves away from a messy house or a pile of washing to relax and recharge. By using Mummy & Baby yoga once a week it can help you get back into shape and find some calmness during those hectic days.

ShianneIf you want to join Mummy & Baby Yoga classes in Gibraltar visit Shianne’s Yoga on Facebook. Shianne offers Mummy & Baby Yoga classes on Tuesday at 10am.


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