Breastfeeding basics

I’m not about to tell you the basics of how to breastfeed, I’m still figuring some of that stuff out! What I do want to share with you is a some basic must have items. This is the first post, so keep following to see more.

When it comes to breastfeeding there isn’t an awful lot you need to buy. That is the beauty of breastfeeding! But to make everything a bit easier I would highly recommend buying some nursing tops.

Here are 5 reasons why.

  1. Easy access for feeding
  2. Convenient (You don’t have to lift up your top every time you want to feed)
  3. Perfect to wear with breastfeeding bras
  4. Elasticated and flattering (helps with that post baby bump)
  5. They allow you to feed more discretely (this doesn’t apply to everyone, but sometimes a little privacy helps you feel more confident feeding in public. As a first time mother I was so nervous, when it came to the second I’m not so bothered!)  


ASOS Maternity Nursing Cami – £15.00 

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 12.11.29

These nursing tops are excellent for breastfeeding. They are perfect to wear under t shirts, jumpers or even alone (like the english weather would ever permit that!). They offer easy access to feed and allow you to cover up that belly if you feel a bit self conscious. They are also designed to fit during your pregnancy and after which means you will get great use outof them.

They are excellent quality and I have lived in mine for 3 months.  You wouldn’t be able to tell, as they have washed fantastically.  With all that leaky milk these tops need to withstand a regular wash.

The clasps are strong and sturdy and can easily cope with regular opening and closing (does my baby need feeding…yes boob..nope…ok wind…close clasp…no its feeding…open clasp…oh who knows…close clasp)


They are extremely flattering, the material is 95% Viscose, 5% Elastane. You only need to buy the size you are. No need to go a size up.

So whats the drawback, the only one I can find is they aren’t cheap…but trust me, they are worth every penny. If you take advantage of the current offer on ASOS. They are now at £11! They also had another offer £26 for 2. Either way… snap one up quickly.


New Look Nursing Tops 3 for £17.99

I wouldn’t recommend the New Look Nursing tops. I am a big fan of New Look, their maternity range was fantastic and so I brought their nursing tops in the hope they would be just as good.  But they have got this product totally wrong. These tops are not worth buying, unless your nipple happens to be completely lopsided in which case they will be perfect. I have found it impossible to get my nipple out without feeling like I am trying to put it through a maze.

The material feels nice, but it isn’t flattering. Normally I’d be willing to accept this (after all sometimes it needs a miracle to feel flattered after giving birth) but the clasps are flimsy and they get stuck as well. So whilst these look like a bargain, I wouldn’t bother!


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