Toddler summer fun – High Lodge,  Thetford Forest

After our day at Colne Valley Railway, my toddler is lucky I chose to take him out in public again! 🙂 
High Lodge Thetford Forest in the South of Norfolk provided exactly what my toddler needed, a very big open space to run around in, and lots of trees should I need to hide if the tantrums reared their head. 

Despite it being the height of summer (what summer?) and fairly busy, we still had lots of fun. The weather was just right, cloudy with some sunny intervals and you only needed to walk a short way to get some peace and quiet from the crowds. With a toddler you are never going to get complete silence and if you do, panic! 

We found a fantastic spot to have our picnic which had a small willow enclosure, this worked perfectly as a caca tent, my toddler is (now) getting much better at telling us when he needs a wee, but we still have problems with poohs especially out and about. Our solution to overcome this is we created a caca tent in the house and it has worked a treat. Short of bringing the tent with me everywhere I go, I now try to “make” or name a place a caca tent, it needs to be a private space where he can poo alone and in peace. Typical male!! I should add that he doesn’t pooh on the floor but rather on our Potette, the portable potty which is perfect for potty training. 

After our picnic, we ventured round one of the easy trails, playing on the large musical instruments, parks, climbing frames, slides and meeting a life size Gruffalo. This proved a huge hit for Arthur after he overcame his fear of actually meeting him! Their innocence is adorable. 

We ended the day by having an ice cream at the cafe. It was tantrum free and full of fun. 

Whilst we spent the afternoon at the park we actually only saw a small part, I’d love to go back one day and see the rest of it. You can bike ride, go on one of the many trails and if you are brave enough gave a go on Go Ape, which is like an obstacle course in ropes hung between the trees. 



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