Inducing labour – all about a sweep.

Yep, I am still pregnant. I think I have been to bed every night for the last few weeks wandering if tonight will be the night.

So at 41 weeks I was offered the opportunity to have a sweep. If this is your first pregnancy you may be offered a sweep at 40 weeks (lucky you!). As it was my second I had to wait a whole extra week for this delight. Well, let me first warn you, with a sweep you leave your dignity at the door. That’s if you have managed to get this far in your pregnancy without doing so already.

A “membrane sweep” or a “cervical sweep” is offered to bring on labour. I know I was keen to get on with it, I’ve tried every trick in the book and I’m still pregnant at 41 weeks.  At this stage, I am sure you will welcome anything.

According to websites it isn’t painful…which it isn’t… but it isn’t exactly pleasant either! It feels uncomfortable but that just tends to be when the examination is being carried out. It involves you jumping up on the bed, opening up and allowing the midwife to put her fingers into your cervix and making some sweeping movements. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it…for me this was the uncomfortable bit, but in comparison to labour, I’d take this any day!

Once it has finished you may experience some bleeding. I was given a huge maternity pad which made me feel like I was wearing a nappy. As if I wasn’t waddling already, this just made things worse.  I only bled slightly and walked all the way home to really try and get things going.

So far it isn’t a magic answer, I’m still waiting to feel slightly different after 4 hours.  They say it can take up to 48 hours to work and doesn’t work on all occasions! I have read many success stories, so hopefully I can follow very shortly. If it doesn’t work I have the pleasure of being induced in 2 days time.

Come on baby!!




  1. Oh, good luck. I am 40 weeks next week and I am hoping my doctor will give me a sweep if my baby hasn’t arrived already. I am told that it isn’t painful and seems from your experience that it wasn’t so that is a good sign. I am exactly like you, I have tried every single thing posted online to get things started, nothing works. I think a sweep is just another one of those things that helps keep you occupied in the last few days thinking you are doing something proactive to get things started. I will definitely give it a go if I am offered because I would prefer to try something than to sit on my bum all day just waiting. Good luck and I hope it works for you 🙂

    • alongcamebuddy

      Thank you for your lovely message. I am feeling a little tightening… could this be the sign I have been waiting for :-). Please let me know how you get along and good luck. It is all very exciting!

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