BabyBjorn Miracle Carrier

Anything with the word miracle in suggests that it must be amazing or extraordinary but does the product really live up to its name?

Why did I buy a carrier?

A baby carrier was a must have on my list from the very beginning. As much as I’d have liked to take advantage of someone delivering the groceries to my house each week, no such thing exists where I live ! So I knew from early on I’d need some free hands to do the weekly shop. In addition, I knew I’d be travelling back and forth regularly to visit my family who live in the UK.

Little did I know then that a baby carrier would end up being my most prized possession, particularly in the early days. Oh how little I knew about the world before I had a baby!

I opted for the BabyBjorn range as it had been recommended by friends and had good reviews. I brought the Miracle carrier initially because I was drawn in by the good price on Amazon but also because I knew we’d benefit from the extra back support and Airy Mesh due to the hot climate we live in. The Miracle is suitable for use from birth (8lb/3.5kgs+ with a minimum height of 53 cms) to around 15 months (26.5lbs/12 kgs). It wasn’t a cheap purchase, at £89.95 (RRP 124.99) it was considered a splurge, but I factored in that if I spent the extra money now I’d be able to keep it for child no 2. Easy to think about when you haven’t got any babies!

Pros and Cons

I couldn’t wait to try out the carrier. Once I’d opened the product I found it very easy to follow the instructions. Trust me that says a lot! There are also instructions on the flap of the carrier. This is really handy if you need to refer to them later on. However, I was so disappointed to realise that my baby couldn’t go in it until he was nearly 6 weeks old. The carrier takes babies from “newborn”. BabyBjorn consider newborns to arrive weighing at least 8lbs. If your baby weighs under that then it can be some time before they can use it. Which meant I ended up having to borrow a sling to hold the baby in until he reached 8lbs.

Once he hit the 8lb mark we started using it. I’d paid good money for this and I was determined to get my monies worth. From the outset it was extremely easy to pop my little one in and out of. I could do it one handed and without any assistance. As with anything in parenting it does take some practising but can be mastered quite quickly.

I have to admit I didn’t use it to rush out with the baby and get the shopping done as I had envisaged. I was too busy trying to get to grips with a baby that screamed every time I put him down and too tired to even contemplate cooking up a feast for myself and my husband. However, it quickly became the perfect tool to ease the screaming and allowed me to at least brush my hair and do my makeup before venturing out in public.

In the beginning I used the carrier far more than the pushchair. The parent facing mode is suitable from the outset, with the forward facing mode suitable from when they can hold their own head, which is approximately 4 months. In the parent facing mode my little ones head was fully supported right from the beginning and he thoroughly enjoyed the closeness. Just walking around my house soothed him to sleep and it meant I could have some free hands to do a little washing up. I left the rest for when my husband got home as his standards are higher than mine!! It was lightweight, comfortable and padded for both me and the baby. It also moulded perfectly around his body keeping him nice and snug.

On our first journey to the UK I managed the baby carrier with ease. I was travelling alone and it was so easy to adjust and put the baby in and out of. As my little one was only 7 weeks old we noticed there were little clasps so that his legs would be more supported. These did up perfectly on the way to the UK – but on the way back they were a little tight already. He hit a massive growth spurt and the chunkiness began! My husband even questioned whether I’d brought the right baby back with me.

It was in the UK I discovered that this product was extremely versatile. I’m 5ft 5 and have a waist that is 3/4s the size of my Dads. Oh how he made me look skinny shortly after birth – thanks Dad! The carrier adjusted to his size and weight with ease. It was so simple to do.

As with all products there are some disadvantages and naturally there are some things that could be improved as it evolves. In particular, I found it difficult to adjust the size of the carrier to fit my little one once he’d grown. The instructions seems to indicate all you do is pull down on what looks like a tape measure. I battled at it and so did my husband. In hindsight I’d highly recommend watching the BabyBjorn video before you use the product. Having only watched it now I realise that there are certain techniques to these things. However, I’m very impatient and had way too many things to do when the baby was born to even consider watching a video on how to use a product.

I also found that two straps flapped out from the side and I couldn’t figure out where to put these and on occasion the flap which folds down in the forward facing mode rode up into my little ones face if it wasn’t properly secured. To rectify this I did find that it stayed down a little better if I purchased the bib. This also stopped him from chewing on the mesh so much during the teething time!

Furthermore, this product states that is suitable until your baby is 15 months old or 26lbs. I think this is a little optimistic. I have a rather chubby little pudding who currently weighs 21lbs. Despite moving the padded support around I am coming home with a backache. However, it has been been well used and is still in beautiful condition. I will shortly be packing it away for the next one. Yes I am still considering it!


This product is a good buy and I would highly recommend. It is easy to use, adaptable, comfortable, breathable, padded, soft, offers good back support, washes easily and is extremely lightweight.


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